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Yesterday was my first bridal show EVER and I'm happy to say it went great!!! I had a blast meeting a ton of brides (future La Photography brides ;))) and a lot of awesome vendors! 

I have been contemplating doing a bridal show ever since I first started La Photography. It has been a terrifying thought because it's not cheap and there are no gareentee that I will book anything. I have been waiting weddings to be my focus since the beginning but finding the right bride for me and my style is like finding a needle in a haystack! In other words, I realized there was no other way to do it! I atleast had to try it out! First thing I did was follow a group of amazing photographer on facebook. I read every post they posted. Next I called a bunch of bridal show vendors. I found Perfect Wedding Guide on google a few weeks before the show and when I called and talked to them, I just loved the way they guided me through every decision I made. I didnt feel like it was about the money and I really liked that. 

So after I took the plunge, I started researching. This was not only my first bridal show as a vendor BUT also the first I have ever been to! So after combing through my group forum, pinterest, and blogs, I knew I needed to stand out. I needed something that screamed "I am La Photography" I found this shinny black fabric on pinterest and I knew that would be my first building block. Glamour. Then I found this steel camera by chance at TJ Maxx. Industrial. After that, I had my theme. Industrial Glam. I wanted something that wouldn't overwhelm brides but invite them in. I dont think I've ever been so stressed in my life, but I think it turned out AMAZING and I think in the long run, it will pay off. 

Here's some shots from the day.....  
I found these cool spot lights at TJ Maxx. They are regularly $80.00 and I got two of them for $40.00!!! and they matched my theme PEFECTLY. How more glamorous can you get?? Add the sleek still look and I was sold!

 Everyone LOVED my wedding album from Darrin and Leigh's wedding!
 I found the template for these awesome camera shaped favor boxes on BRIDES LOVED THEM! If they only knew how much effort went into these! I owe my mom and her classroom so much for working on them for me! The camera shaped cookies where done by a friend from college Katie. She does AN AMAZING job and she really worked with my scatterbrain! I ordered them on sunday and they were delivered on Weds! You cant beat that! They look AND taste great! check her out here.

The infamous steel camera!

Thanks for looking! And thanks to everyone that called, texted, facebooked me good luck! And for visiting my site! You guys are the reason my dreams come true!


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