Bridal Show Jitters

Mood So one more day until the big day! I'm soooo extremely nervous! My first Bridal Show EVER! I've had a little more than a month to prepare and I've spent countless hours on it! Super excited but so nervous! I've been crazy stressed but surprising today I would up feeling calm! I guess all my years dancing are paying off! Here's a few camera pictures I've taken over the last few days! I will post an offical post after Sunday!
Moo cards are AMAZING!
A friend from College made these YUMMY AND CUUUTE COOKIES! I'll post a link to her info afterwards!
My mom and her kids are sooo awesome! They took the time out of their day to help me out! My camera army!
A mock set up to get a feel of my layout!
Stay tuned for the finish! It's gonna be perfect! And hopefully get me lots of brides for the year!


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