Wedding Wednesday: Derrick and Amanda

I met Amanda at Starbucks in Birmingham last year. We met to talk about wedding pricing but ended up talking for hours about completely random stuff. And that's been our relationship ever since. Every wedding I photograph I am so surprised how much I love my bride and groom. I have heard stories about photographers getting awful demanding brides but I have only gotten the best! I am soooo blessed. I met Derrick for the first time on the day of the wedding. He called me Wanda and right then I knew we would be friends! Haha. Derrick and Amanda got married at Ozan Winery in Birmingham, Alabama two weeks ago and it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Amanda did a great job incorporating the decor into the "theme" of the vineyard! They had an amazing coordinator, a live band, and were surrounded with love! It was perfect!! Congratulations you guys! I know you will have MANY years of happiness with each other! I'm just thankful I got to capture the beginning of the rest of your lives!



  1. I went to a wedding reception here with my wife. The view of the city was absolutely amazing. I imagine this place is quite pricey for a wedding, but the view justifies any cost.

    1. Red Strings thanks for commenting!!!! It was a BEAUTIFUL venue! I'm not sure the cost but Im sure it was kinda steep. But totally worth it for the view!


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