Wedding Wednesday: Bryan and Chelsie

I have been "behind the scenes" at a lot of weddings now. After almost 4 years of weddings you'd think I have just about seen it all. But Bryan and Chelsie managed to make my experience special. I have never seen a couple so much in love. In love with each other, in love with their friends and family, and even greater, in love with God. It was beautiful. I had to blink back tears over and over throughout the day. Each bride and groom I work with teach me something about love. Chelsie and Bryan are proof that selfless love is the only kind I want. There are so many inside jokes behind a lot of these images, so outsiders viewing might not understand but I hope I captured the emotion of the day. I have never been more overwhelmed by it. Send out a prayer or a well wish for these newlyweds. I pray that Chelsie and Bryan never lose sight of what they have. I love you guys! I wish you many years of happiness!




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